Craig, Camille, Suene & Anani

Craig loves camping with the family, enjoys mountain biking, painting, reading and a good sci-fi movie. Has the whole set of Westwing. Drinks a lot of water and loves chocolate. Will absolutely not drink tea or coffee or eat Bulliebeef!

Camille loves camping with the family. Enjoys writing, sewing, gardening and crocheting. Has a vintage style bicycle called Walvis. Drinks a lot of Tea and loves chocolate. Will absolutely not eat litches,  watermelon or sushi.


Vian, Riette, Jenel, Dian and Zeske

Vian loves camping with the family. Enjoys jogging and pilates. Loves watches and will excercise all day long if possible. Likes to eat fruit and enjoys a can of coke. Will absolutely not eat a hairy mango or garlic.

Riette loves any kind of holiday as long as it is

with the family. Would like an island holiday some day. Enjoys jogging and pilates. Drinking coffee on the stoep is another sport she enjoys. Is a lefty. Loves a Nosh chocolate and coffee. Will absolutely not eat mint ice-cream.